Client reviews is crucial! No matter how good you are; no matter how hard you work; no matter how earnest you are – reviews – reviews reviews!  Reputation comes from reviews. One brilliant review can have a snowball effect on your practice leading to the crucial bums on seats – multiple bookings and increased repeat visits. 

But asking for reviews is awkward and does not come naturally. But it is essential.  This needs to be drummed in. Once you have a game plan though it can be easier to ask!

Start with The Most Loyal Clients

It’s much easier asking those with whom you already have a strong relationship. Target those who already have brand loyalty. These are the clients who are most likely to refer friends. And this could possibly increase once you have that game plan!

If you’re a new business then wait after a few treatments to ask for a review. Build that relationship and that relationship is being built when you ask for a review. 

Ask for a Review at Checkout or the End of a Treatment

A great time to ask for a review is when you’re finishing off a treatment or scheduling a client’s next appointment. A client is more likely to leave a nice review immediately after receiving a positive treatment experience.

Think back to the last time you ate at a restaurant, and the cashier flipped their iPad around and asked you to leave a tip. You probably felt more inclined to leave a bigger tip if the food and service were good and if the cashier was kind and friendly. Aesthetic practices can play out a similar scenario when asking for patient reviews. Have your friendly and knowledgeable laser practitioner ask the client to write a quick review or leave a positive rating while applying aftercare following a treatment. Receptionists can also ask patients if they enjoyed their treatment, and if the answer is yes, leave a review while they schedule their next appointment.

Include Review Links in Email Campaigns and Text Reminders

Keeping in constant communication is crucial. While email campaigns and text reminders are primarily used to inform clients about the latest company updates or remind them about upcoming appointments, they’re also great opportunities to ask for reviews.

To make things easier, embed links to your social review profiles like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp at the end of every automated message you send. 

Be Personal

Another great idea for receiving reviews is by being personal with every client. Again, positive reviews stem from a variety of things, especially exceptional customer service. Small things like remembering a patient’s birthday or a story they shared with a staff member can go a long way. If a laser technician has formed relationships with a handful of clients, have them request a personal review about their experience. A positive review is a positive review and reflects your business well.

Offer Incentives

One of the best ways to get a review or referral is by offering incentives. No patient or customer can pass up a good prize or discount. If all it takes is writing a review to get one, your clients will likely take advantage of this simple task to receive a reward. Incentives don’t have to be crazy or elaborate, but they can be creative. You could reward new reviewers with a £10 Pret gift card or create a grand prize raffle drawing with the reviewers’ names every month or quarter. 

Now that you know how and when to ask for patient reviews, set some review goals for you and your staff members to hit every week. Goals will keep you motivated and also give you something to work towards. Furthermore, be mindful of the feedback you’re getting and use the patient reviews to maintain or improve your business’ success. Never let the fear of burdening your patients stand in the way of your success. If you want to grow your business and your patient reviews, ask for reviews often!